As I revise paper three, my main objective is to better and more clearly articulate the relationships I have identified between the texts (Wasik, Restak and Prickett) as they relate to making meaning in one’s life. Realizing this goal will require that I reach an accumulation of smaller, more specific goals.

First, I plan to revisit previous ePortfolio assignments that I have completed for this paper such as the round 1 questions for Wasik and the “How to Evaluate a Source Homework” for Prickett. When completing both of these assignments, I had begun to evaluate the texts on an individual level and started to form possible arguments I could make for that specific text alone. I had not yet attempted the difficult task of reaching out to make connections between two or more texts. I believe that these simpler, single text ideas will remind me to give each side of the relationship I am identifying in my paper an equal voice and thereby help me more clearly articulate and explain the connections I am trying to make between the multiple texts I am working with.

Next, I will work to better summarize the texts I am working with by including information that speaks truthfully not only to the chronology of the specific text but also to the argument I am trying to build throughout the paper. In order to do this, it may be necessary that I revisit the texts and re-read them quickly for better understanding. My initial homework posts for this paper via ePortfolio may be useful in this step as well because within those assignments, I was asked to summarize the texts in order to give context to the questions I was answering.

In my final step to more clearly articulate relationships between my ideas,  I will take a blank piece of paper and write out my thesis statement. Below this, I will write out each of my claim sentences. Then, underneath these claim sentences, I will write out (in bullet points) the evidence and/or quotes I plan to use to support each of these claims. Next to each piece of evidence, I will write how it relates to the claim sentence of the paragraph it falls under. After this, I will draw lines between the evidence in each paragraph that I am trying to directly connect and then annotate, in its key words, the connection I have made. This should help me more clearly articulate the relationships I have made between texts and avoid ambiguity in my final draft.