Revision Strategy: Paper 2

As I continue to revise paper two, my ultimate goal is to craft a clear argument that is well supported by a variety of rhetorical tools. As I discussed in my learning log, I tend to stick with a strict quotation and analysis format in my writing. This is the format that I am most familiar and comfortable with which is why I largely used it in paper one. Therefore, I am going to have to step outside of my comfort zone while revising paper two in order to incorporate other rhetorical tools such as summary, paraphrase and synthesis. By doing so, I will make my argument much stronger than if I were to continue solely with quotation and analysis.

The only plausible way for me to reach my goal is to jump into alternative rhetorical tools feet first. Much of my hesitation to integrate these tools into my writing is my fear of using them incorrectly. My greatest challenge in achieving this goal will be letting go of my inhibitions and fear of failure. The only way for me to learn how to use these tools and learn how to use them well is to experiment with them. Therefore, I simply have to accept the fact that although I may not execute these different rhetorical tools perfectly at first, each time I work with them is a step in the direction to using them correctly.

In addition to varying my use of rhetorical tools, I would also like to shorten my paragraph length and eliminate my consistent comma errors. Based on peer and professor review of my papers, I have found that my paragraphs are often too lengthy and therefore hard to follow. When revising paper two, I will focus on implementing natural paragraph breaks so that my reader can follow my logic more easily. In regards to fixing my misuse of commas, I will attempt to implement more short sentences as Klinkenborg advises. This way, I will not have to use as many commas because I  will not be connecting as many thoughts into one sentence.

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  1. Elisha M Emerson

    You are doing a fantastic job pushing yourself in this class. Because of this, you will learn so much! Great work, Bri! Keep it up!

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