Clustering and Free Writing – Brainstorming for Paper 2

For my brainstorming technique, I decided to begin with clustering and then used that clustering to kickstart a free write exercise. My initial inclination for this paper is to argue that a digitally distracting world is not beneficial. Between the two texts, I am beginning to see connections with the ideas of inefficiency,  medication/ drugs, mental/physical well being, and the increasing pressure to divide ones attention in order to survive in a changing environment.

In each of their respective texts, Restak and Anderson both acknowledge the fact that trying to multitask/divide ones attention most of the time is inefficient. Despite the inefficiency of multitasking, people are still doing it because many feel that if they do not, they won’t get anything done and will fall behind in society (lose jobs etc). The pressure to multitask and therefore be inefficient is not beneficial because it overwhelms people and sets up a system where tasks are less likely to be completed correctly/fully. This is neither beneficial to individuals nor to society.

Because people are feeling overwhelmed by society’s digital demand, many are abusing stimulant drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall to try to keep up with the pace. Both Restak and Anderson point out, for example, that many young college students use these drugs to complete school work.  These drugs can easily harm students or any person if taken incorrectly or unprescribed. Many people are harming themselves in some capacity to try to keep up with the ever increasing pace that a technological society demands. In general, physical/psychological harm is considered NOT beneficial.


  1. cgray8

    Bri! I loved your summary on your thoughts and connections between Restak and Anderson. You seem to go really in depth with the text and make good connections to what both authors have to say on certain subjects. You give good examples of the text and summarize your thoughts in an ordered manner that makes the reader get a taste of what your main points are. I really wish I could see your photo of your diagram more clearly but I have an idea of what you want to say! I enjoy the website and all of what you have to say – it’s organized and I’m excited to read more from you in the future! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. elishaemerson

    Keep up the good work, Bri. This looks fantastic!

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